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Rennie's Allure

DOB 09.11.2009

G Ch Tambay’s Janosz AD BH BT
Ch Rennie’s Fantasia AD BH

Isis was born on 9 November 2009 from a litter of 6 puppies. The only fawn female in the litter with a white stripe down her face and dark eyes, only enhanced the cuteness of her little face. Furthermore, a patch on her back and a white tip on her tail added to her character. She immediately crept into my heart and I thus decided to keep her. She is the first Boxer we have owned with a tail. The tip of Isis’ tail became somewhat of a lighthouse to us in the evening, as it shimmered when she would go outside for whatever means. This was unique, until Bambule arrived and now we have two lighthouses in the evenings.

Friendly and out-going, Isis has a wonderful temperament which is evident when accompanying us for coffee at shopping malls. We are particularly proud of the fact that she is able to get along with her mother Omega and grandmother, Aileen but also with other dogs due to her gentle and tolerant nature. This was evident with the arrival of our German Import, Bambule, with whom she got along with from the get go and have been inseparable ever since. Isis has also made the association that after training; she eagerly waits arriving home so that she and her brother, Zorba, who also attends training, can play as if the day will never end. But she is sad to see him leave when his owner arrives to collect him.

On the first anniversary of her birth, a party was thrown for Isis and her brother, Zorba attended. The two had a fantastic day. This may sound a little elaborate; it is one of the many traditions that our family has regarding our four legged friends. It is our way of expressing the joy that these wonderful Boxers bring to our lives.

She has been shown a few times and to our delight, she won the best puppy on 28 August 2010 at the tender age of nine months. We intend to continue showing Isis in the showring and are excited about the aspect of the working trials that lie ahead for her. We have no doubt that she will do us proud.

Her achievements to date include:

  • She won Best Puppy in show under Mrs. Chris Levings at a championship show held by NBC on 28 August 2010.
  • She completed her WTS Beginners and Preliminary on 2nd June 2012.