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Rennie's Chariots of Fire

HD: Too young to test
DOB 22.01.2012

Bambale von den Funken
Rennie’s Allure

Rennie’s Chariots of Fire (Fire) was born on 22 January 2012 to Rennie’s Allure (Isis) and Bambale von den Funken (Bambule).

He is a special treasure to our family as he is a replica of his dad that we missed in Bambule’s life as we only got him at 4 months. Furthermore he is very special to our family as he is one of three survivors of his litter.

As good dog owners should do, we took him to puppy socialising classes where he excelled with obedience, agility and interacting with fellow dogs as well as humans. He is continuing his obedience training and has already begun protection work, which he thoroughly enjoys and is excelling at that too!

He is very friendly and outgoing with people and other dogs big and small. He seems to have inherited his father’s calm and curious nature as he is very confident and not easily distracted from the task at hand.