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Having always been dog lovers, we had different breeds of dogs until we got our first Boxer (not pedigreed) in 1979. Sheila was given to us as an adult bitch, as her previous owners had badly abused her for eating Guinea pigs on their plot. She crept into our hearts and when she died, no other breed of dog than a Boxer could take her place.

We got our second Boxer and first registered bitch, Vatica’s Cindy at 14 months of age. Cindy’s owners were an elderly couple who couldn’t handle her boisterous nature and so had to find a new home for her. On 31 July 1989 we got Kazandi’s Rufus who was also registered with the Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa. We mated Rufus and Cindy and had our first Boxer litter on 6 January 1992.

We joined the FBCSA in 1991 and have been active members to date. In 1997 we Hauteur’s Cartouche (Julius) who was also a registered boxer with the FBCSA. We met Ute Füglister when we took Julius for training. In 1998 we got Ch Poklenberg’s Edelweiss (Sheba) and this is where everything started…..

We are a small breeder but have been successful in the show ring as well as in the working arena. We currently have bred 6 FBCSA Champions of which 3 have gone on to become Grand Champions. In the working arena Rennie Boxers have also made their presence felt with 3 Rennie Boxers becoming FBCSA Grand Champions (G Ch Rennie’s Bannockburn, G Ch Rennie’s Carlow of Hanubi and G Ch Rennie’s Éomer). We further have two BT titles, four BH titles and one AD title from our remaining Boxers.

Rennie Boxers has a passion for the Boxer. We believe that these wonderful animals with their amazing natures and temperament have and will continue to touch our lives in a very special way. It is our passion and goal to ensure that the Boxer Breed is promoted to its fullest extent and that these exquisite dogs touch more people’s lives.

Our life with Boxer dogs has been filled with joy, dedication, love, laughter and sadness. The lessons we have learned from them are priceless. Love, dedication, and sharing without reservation is the Boxer dog way, so we have decided to share their gift to us with all of you who love these wonderful dogs. Boxers are more than pets, they are members of the family.